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Best YA Book Review Blogs For Reading Recommendations Teens Will LOVE!

best YA book reviewers

Young Adult (YA) literature has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last couple of decades, and with this surge, there’s been an increase in dedicated bloggers and reviewers who cover the genre extensively. Here’s a list of some of the most recognized and influential YA book review blogs:

  1. I’m Loving
    • Description: This blog offers reviews across multiple genres but has a special place for young adult fiction. There’s also a focus on self-publishing and writing tips.
  2. Urban
    • Description: While this site primarily showcases the work of the author, there are also valuable book reviews and giveaways, especially for fans of urban fantasy and YA.
  3. The YA
    • Description: A dedicated platform for everything YA. From latest releases to in-depth discussions, this is a haven for YA enthusiasts.
  4. The Perpetual
    • Description: Jamie’s blog offers a mix of book reviews, discussions, and personal anecdotes.
  5. The Midnight
    • Description: A beautifully designed blog that offers reviews and cover reveals for upcoming YA books.
  6. Forever Young
    • Description: For readers who are a little older but still appreciate YA fiction.
  7. Book
    • Description: While not exclusively YA, Book Riot has a strong YA section with reviews, news, and articles about the genre.
    • Description: Apart from reviews, this blog offers the unique ‘Which to Read Next’ feature where readers can vote on what the blogger should review next.
  9. A Bookish
    • Description: This blog offers a plethora of book reviews, including a dedicated section for young adult titles.
  10. Once Upon a
    • Description: Reviews, author interviews, and giveaways with a focus on YA literature.
  11. Cuddlebuggery Book
    • Description: Starring the dynamic duo, Kat and Steph, this blog offers humorous and candid book reviews.
  12. The Book
    • Description: Run by Ana and Thea, this site is filled with reviews, bookish news, and more.
  13. Daisy Chain Book
    • Description: A UK-based blog that offers detailed book reviews with a strong focus on YA.
  14. YA
    • Description: A community of young adult authors who blog about writing, reading, publishing, and everything in between.
  15. Novel
    • Description: A fantastic place for reviews, as well as features like monthly desktop wallpapers themed around YA books.
    • Description: The Young Adult Review Network is a literary journal that showcases YA poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.
  17. Reading
    • Description: Parent and teen reviewers give their opinions on the content and overall quality of YA books.
  18. YA
    • Description: A site dedicated to YA news, reviews, and editorials.
  19. Books Complete
    • Description: Reviews with ratings and a focus on both popular and under-the-radar YA titles.
  20. Pure
    • Description: Lori offers detailed reviews, giveaways, and also delves into middle-grade books.
  21. Chapter by Chapter – [](
    • Description: Features book reviews, author interviews, and giveaways.
  23. Stuck in
    • Description: An avid reader shares her thoughts on YA, NA, and adult fiction.
  24. Two Chicks on
    • Description: Jaime and Rachel give their insights on new releases and old favorites.
  25. Mundie
    • Description: Initially a fan site for Cassandra Clare, this blog has expanded to cover all aspects of YA literature.
  26. Presenting
    • Description: Lenore shares her book reviews, author interviews, and bookish events she attends.
  27. Reading
    • Description: Offers out of the ordinary booklists for teens.
  28. I Read
    • Description: A platform that celebrates young adult literature and its readers.
  29. Book
    • Description: Reviews predominantly YA and new adult novels with occasional giveaways.
  30. YA Book
    • Description: One of the largest communities for young adult book lovers with reviews, author interviews, and more.

Remember to check out each site to determine which aligns most with your reading preferences, and always appreciate the hard work bloggers put into sharing their love for YA literature!

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