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Futuristic Writing Tools To Automate Your Creative Process

Welcome, Future Novelist of 2075! Wait… it’s still 2023? Darn. Regardless, the future of writing feels like it’s just a click away. With automation slowly crawling into every facet of our lives, it’s high time we authors get a taste of the tech pie. And, oh, it’s delicious.

1. Dictation Domination:
Remember the time when you’d get a sprain in your wrist after a 10,000-word day? Welcome to the era of just ‘saying it’. Tools like Dragon NaturallySpeaking don’t just transcribe; they’re learning your pacing, your tone, and (thankfully) ignoring your cursing fits. Imagine crafting your masterpiece on a lazy stroll or during a bubble bath.

2. Ideas On The Go:
What if your writer’s block could be shattered by an algorithm? While a bit of a romance killer, AI-driven tools like Soonish or Jasper can merge trends, global news, and classic storytelling arcs to suggest themes or even characters. Warning: May suggest a romance between an alien and a toaster.

3. The Grammar Robots:
Remember your high school grammar teacher, Mrs. Picky? Imagine her, but digital and less scary. Grammarly and ProWritingAid don’t just catch your typos. They offer stylistic suggestions, keep your tone in check, and don’t judge your excessive use of adverbs.

4. Auto-Saving Your Sanity:
The modern horror story: losing 3 chapters because of a random restart. Automated backups like Dropbox and Google Drive aren’t just storage solutions, they’re like guardians of your literary galaxy.

5. Research, Refined:
Gone are the days of drowning in post-its. Use Airstory or Scrivener to auto-tag and methodically organize your chaos.

Remember, even with automation, the heart of the story is still human (until AI takes over that too!)

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