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The Automated Author: Imaginative Tools and Techniques to Semi-Automate Your Writing

Hey, word-wrangler! Ever find yourself daydreaming about a trusty robot sidekick who types up stories while you sip mojitos? Well, welcome to the future (minus the robot uprising). Presenting, your guide to semi-automating your writing.

1. Talk Instead of Type:
Dictation tools like Dragon NaturallySpeaking are writer’s BFFs. Just talk, and the software types. It’s like magic but without the need for a wand or incantations!

2. AI-Powered Ideas:
Writing prompts can be like those overpriced artisanal chocolates — a hit or a miss. But guess what? AI can churn out prompts tailored to your taste! Tools like Jasper and Soonish predict trends and merge ideas from various genres.

3. Auto-Correct on Steroids:
Grammarly and ProWritingAid aren’t just for catching those sneaky typos. They can help style, tone, and even provide suggestions on restructuring your sentences.

4. Automated Backups:
Ever lost 5 chapters because your laptop decided to embrace the void? Time to automate your backups. Services like Dropbox can be set to periodically save your work.

5. Data-Driven Decisions:
Airstory and Scrivener have features to auto-tag and organize information. Use these to pull up relevant notes when you’re writing.

Remember, Iron Man had J.A.R.V.I.S; you’ve got these tools. Just make sure you don’t accidentally program them to take over the world. 😉

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