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This Simple 3-Step Plan Gives You Plot Ideas For Days

It’s every writer’s recurring nightmare – staring at that menacing, blinking cursor, racking the brain for a plot. Some call it writer’s block, others a temporary creative drought. Whatever the name, it’s daunting. But what if there’s a way to generate plot ideas, consistently, and with ease?

Welcome to the simple 3-step plot generation plan! With this, never again will you find yourself lost in the barren desert of creativity.

Step 1: Embrace the “What if?”

Ah, the power of imagination. Everything starts with a question, particularly the age-old, “What if?” It’s a magical phrase that leads you down unexpected alleys of thought. It’s the foundation of countless novels, films, and bedtime stories.

Tip to Try: Grab a newspaper, read a headline, and ask, “What if?” For instance, reading about a discovery of an old shipwreck might lead you to think, “What if the ship carried a secret society of time travelers?”

Step 2: The Collision of Two Unrelated Ideas

Innovation often arises from the intersection of unrelated domains. Why should plot creation be any different? Taking two unrelated ideas and smashing them together can yield intriguing, novel storylines.

Tip to Try: Write down ten random nouns on separate pieces of paper. Now, pull out two at a time. You’ve got “giraffe” and “piano”? Maybe your story revolves around a world where animals are trained in classical music, and there’s a giraffe prodigy causing a ruckus in the grand orchestras.

Step 3: The Role Reversal

Nothing shakes up a plot like reversing roles. It’s a technique older than Shakespeare and as fresh as the morning headlines.

Tip to Try: Think of a story you love. Now, swap the roles of the protagonist and antagonist. How does the story change? Does the plot take a dark twist? Or perhaps a comedic turn? For example, in a reversed “Cinderella”, what if the stepmother was oppressed and Cinderella, the tyrant?

In Conclusion:

Creativity, they say, is intelligence having fun. And generating plot ideas should be nothing short of a thrilling ride. With this 3-step plan in your writer’s toolkit, you’ll find yourself armed and ready to tackle the blank page. Remember, every idea, no matter how bizarre or unconventional, has the potential to become a riveting tale.

Don’t stifle those zany, out-of-the-box thoughts; they could be the makings of your next bestseller. Until next time, happy plotting!

Curious about more writing hacks? Stick around, and together we’ll navigate the ever-intriguing maze of storytelling!

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